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For the musically minded!

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Electric Guitar Starter Package

Everything you need to start your journey into the world of the electric guitar.



Are you a budding Lizzo? Whether for pop or classical or even folk-rock, the flute’s melodic tones are a delight to master.



The clarinet’s soothing sound is heard in the classical and the jazz world – maybe not the easiest instrument to master – but you will reap the rewards! 

Classical Guitars

From Segovia to The Gypsy Kings, the sound of the classical guitar can be soothing or rousing. We stock all sizes, for all ages.



Whether in pop, rock, jazz or classical music, the saxophone is the star!


In a Brass Band or a moody nightclub, the trumpet can either soothe or swing. 

Acoustic Guitars

Folk or rock, the acoustic guitar never goes out of fashion.

Harmonica Starter Kit

Are you a budding Stevie Wonder? Teach yourself how to handle this simple but soulful little instrument.



A great introduction to the guitar family, this colourful and tiny four-string Ukulele could set you or your children off on a musical adventure!

Musical Gifts & Stocking Fillers

We have a large range of small, music-related gifts including jewellery, pens, mugs, erasers, badges and ornaments.

Music Books and Sheet Music

From classical and jazz to popular music and showtunes, Normans has a wide range of music-related books and sheet music.

Normans Gift Vouchers

Perfect for Christmas presents! Let your loved ones choose what they want from our vast range of musical instruments and gifts. Available in various denominations.

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