Normans Music stocks a wide range of musical instruments, including guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, brass, woodwind, violins, percussion and much more.

We are continually surprised by requests from customers for unusual instruments and more so by the fact that we often have them in stock!

 We provide free and friendly advice on the best makes and models for every level, from beginners to expert musicians. We are also a specialist dealer for Trevor James, Yamaha and Jupiter brass and woodwind instruments. We stock a wide range of flutes, saxophones and clarinetsViolins are in stock, plus a half-size ‘cello!

In the shop there is a display of Yamaha Keyboards and Digital Pianos, an array of guitars – acoustic, electro-acoustic, electric and classical, in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes with amps to suit the instruments.

Accessories, gifts, greeting cards and all manner of other items are also available. 

music exams

ABRSM and Trinity exam music is available, with a wide selection of music books for all genres.

Guitars & Ukuleles

Our display of over 100 guitars includes LAG, Cort, Tanglewood, Faith and Godin amongst others.

For young beginners, we stock ¼, ½ and ¾ size classical/nylon strung guitars. With a selection of full size classical guitars including Admira, Cort, LAG and Esteve, we have everything a budding John Williams could want!

Advice on buying your first guitar is free and we offer great value in our starter packs for full size and junior electric guitars.

We stock a range of bass guitars in all scale lengths.

Ukuleles of all sizes are available – soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and bass.

Buy Online Music

We stock music of all types including Classical, Rock and Pop, Jazz, Folk, Country and much more.

Brass & Woodwind

Our trumpets, cornets and trombones are suitable for beginner and intermediate players. We stock Yamaha, Artemis, Jupiter and J Michael brands.
We have a pBone in stock.

We have various mouthpieces for the beginner player as well as instrument care kits, including valve oil, mutes, slide grease and polishing cloths.
We often have second-hand instruments in stock.

Our woodwind instruments are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. We stock Yamaha, Jupiter, Trevor James and J Michael brands and usually have second-hand instruments to offer.

We also have recorders, tin whistles and bag pipe chanters in stock.

We Offer

Flutes from £229

Clarinets from £269

Saxophones from £545

Instrument Repairs

We offer a repair service for a wide variety of instruments. Usually a same day service for restringing guitars, ukuleles or violins, etc.

Set-ups for guitars and string instruments will take longer and will require your instrument to be left with us for a few days.

For more complicated repairs, we use the services of a luthier.

Brass and woodwind repairs are taken once a week to the off-site workshop (usually a Friday) and returned a week later.

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